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Reference projects

There is evidence that play, besides being fun
and essential to well-being, is also fundamental
for all areas of children’s and young people’s future
development. Therefore, together with our partners
we seek and develop new forms of play
to add value to elements of the urban landscape
and thus, support children’s development through play.

Urban Play
playable urban art

Explore local themes and concepts enhancing the impact of the intervention and the sense of belonging of the communities.

Partnership with nationally and internationally renowned artists in the creation and development of “Playable Urban Art” pieces.

Incorporation of safe and attractive playful features in artistic pieces with strong visual impact.

The functionality of the children’s playground is diluted, giving prominence to the form of artistic creation that asserts itself by its own merit in the surrounding urban space. Creation of landmarks in the territory.

Play Sculpture – Playable Urban Art

Unique solutions with character, thanks to the equipment’s integration in global projects, originating simple areas with diversified ludic valences.

Thematic and functional adaptation according to the site and its users. Integrated design, from the equipment to the floor, creating a stimulating and safe recreational environment.

Equipment with innovative and inspiring design, built with high quality materials, assured by a world market leader manufacturer. For demanding customers who bet on the quality and durability of their investment.

Natural Play
back to
the future

Primordial use of natural materials to build spaces with high playful value and fertile for children’s imagination.

Return to the basics of childhood, creating more natural play spaces, based on freedom and simplicity.

Promote children’s contact with nature and its processes, creating roots in the world that surrounds them.

Explore the potential of the site, such as shaping the terrain, to offer attractive experiences.

Exposure to controlled risk, promoting awareness of limits, decision making and risk management as essential skills for the future.

The commitment to sustainable innovation is clear with CORKEEN, the innovative cork solution for impact cushioning.

GASPAR is the exclusive distributor and installer of this insitu flooring in the national territory. To learn more about this ecological, affordable, and safe solution, we recommend that you contact us.

The ideal learning and growth environment for young children is composed of a full integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.
The Outdoor Classroom enhances and adds to the limited scope of activities available within confined classrooms by providing hands-on experiences, physical activity, social emotional growth through peer interaction, and multifaceted approaches to cognitive development that connect children to nature and maximize their learning outcomes


The Outdoor Classroom Project

Samuel Dennis Jr and Alexandra Wells
University of Wisconsin-Madison Environmental Design Lab


As well as helping to stop the spread of viruses,
outdoor classes have several associated benefits, including mental and physical health, but also cognitive and emotional development.

The outdoor learning place should have a meeting space for students to listen to teachers (seats with whiteboards) as well as active learning stations for students to do hands-on activities (tables).

These spaces can be thought of and designed as ‘rooms’ within the overall outdoor space.

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