Road Signaling

Cities that move with the safety we implement on the roads.

The experience acquired and the innovative products and services introduced by GASPAR over more than 50 years, with a constant concern for the improvement of Road Signaling and Safety in Portugal, make us an organization inextricably linked to this activity in our country, leaders, and recognized specialists in various areas.

We bet on Innovation, supported by engineering services and highly specialized technical teams.
We have a multidisciplinary team prepared to support you to manage your signage and ensure more safety in your lives.

Reference projects


Vertical Signaling has always been an area of excellence in GASPAR’s activity.

We are manufacturers and applicators of all types of vertical signs, for application in National and Municipal Roads, Highways, Airports, Airfields, Parking Lots, and Industrial Parks.

The rigorous execution, combined with the selection of the best support materials and reflective screens, has been the secret to our success, and a reference in the signaling market in Portugal.

The products manufactured by Fernando L. Gaspar, S.A. (vertical road signs) bear the CE Marking affixed on the back of the respective sign and certify compliance with the provisions of EN 12899-1:2007

As a founding member of the Portuguese Association for Road Signs and Security (AFESP – Associação Portuguesa de Sinalização e Segurança Rodoviária), we actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of vertical road signs and to the collective goals of accident reduction in Portugal.


Horizontal signaling represents Gaspar’s activity par excellence.

It was in this area that the company began its activity, and it has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the execution of all kinds of works, from the simple marking of parks to the most complex contracts in Highways and Airports.

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