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Over decades of evaluating, designing, and creating outdoor active play spaces, we have always worked exclusively with top brands, global market leaders, supporting a vast network of institutional clients for whom we are synonymous of trust. We are proud to have as partners KOMPAN, as clients the most demanding players in the market, and to collaborate with project offices of recognized merit.

We work with products that range from innovative equipment for cardio training, cross training and strength training, street workout, obstacle courses and circuit training, to Impact attenuating surfaces, as well as urban furniture and shade structures.

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We have at your disposal, for specific projects, our local team of expert consultants (child development, inclusiveness, human motricity and physical exercise, active aging) available to implement tailor-made solutions.
Through the KOMPAN PLAY INSTITUTE we provide several studies and scientific investigations useful to support informed decisions.

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We follow the growing global trend of exploring outdoor spaces in order to be active. Cities, communities, sports clubs, condominiums, etc. aspire to achieve true outdoor gym and sports areas for their inhabitants and members.

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Gyms that want to offer their members the option of using outdoor equipment while performing challenging and effective workouts. Sports clubs that want their large audience of members to have a motivating obstacle course as an option. Municipalities that want to make outdoor and neighborhood fitness available for ALL in residential or office areas. Cities that want to make outdoor sports fields available for teens and adults to play basketball, soccer, field hockey, etc. Nursing homes and senior residences that want their residents to stay active.

For ALL adults, our outdoor fitness solutions can be progressively more challenging and purposefully tough. This way, all users, regardless of their fitness condition, obtain a meaningful effective workout.

Making communities happier and healthier is in our DNA.



Available in a variety of designs and materials, the solutions can blend nicely into the most contemporary urban contexts (even with increasing emphasis on sustainable materials), such as obstacle courses and street workout in Robinia wood, to achieve maximum integration with nature, or bring nature into an urban environment.

In any case, the outdoor is our focus and that of our KOMPAN partners, it is for outdoors spaces that they have been building activity areas for over 50 years. Therefore, we use the toughest materials ensuring that our solutions will withstand the challenges of weather and use for decades to come.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Most of the world’s great sports, such as soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, or athletics, are played outdoors. It’s not just the space, it’s the atmosphere in which the game is played. Fresh air is an invaluable resource for making the body function better, the natural partner for exercising and feeling good.

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We can get in shape in the gym, with dedication, but being trapped between four walls, we miss the extra challenge and stimuli of nature. The sun on our backs, a breeze on our faces, even the refreshing raindrops, are invigorating. We talk about the benefits of fresh mountain air, the invigorating sea breeze, and we get the pejorative idea about the air quality in the city center. However, growing environmental awareness is already conditioning urban life, creating opportunities for sport and exercise literally on our doorstep.

The variety of outdoor fitness equipment that we offer with KOMPAN is the result of the knowledge produced by a large team of experts and professionals who share expertise, evaluate trends, and conduct research. The network maintains strategic partnerships with all kinds of local entities, including universities, researchers, scientists, and fitness experts that are valuable in terms of enhancing knowledge about sports and fitness in general, applied to creating solutions for your needs.

The experts’ observations, studies, and recommendations are then worked on by the engineers who have already delivered the first series of exterior equipment with performance on par with interior equipment.

and innovative solution

We highlight outdoor gyms that enable functional training and are part of a global social network with users worldwide.

New generation equipment that will continue to change the usage paradigm and increase the beneficiary population.

Equipment that stands out from the national scene for the quality of its materials and manufacturing.

Aligned with the contemporary trends we find in interior spaces, by being:

01. Adaptable to different degrees of difficulty and physical conditions

02. Enable functional training of the whole body, not isolating muscle groups

03. Inclusive for the mobility impaired population and suitable for all athletes regardless of their abilities

04. Accommodate a higher number of practitioners per equipment

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