Road Safety

Cities that move with the safety we implement on the roads.

Since the beginning of its activity, in 1968, GASPAR has sought to contribute to the proper signaling and operation of transportation infrastructure, promoting the safety and welfare of users and nearby populations.

In this sense, its technical staff can identify and present solutions for the improvement of road safety conditions and the consequent reduction of road accidents.

Road Safety and the Reduction of Accidents will always be our goal and our commitment.

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Metal railings and mixed railings are essential equipment for road safety.

In compliance with the applicable standards, this equipment allows increasing the levels of safety on the road, as, in case of a crash, it attenuates the impact and prevents the vehicles from leaving the roadway.

GASPAR has teams specialized in the application of this equipment, ensuring its correct installation so that its cushioning and containment effect attenuates the consequences of crashes and collisions.


We are exclusive Representatives of Impact Attenuators of the brand SNOLINE. These protective equipments are applied in the divergence areas and other “dangerous” places to absorb the impact caused by collision of vehicles, thus protecting the life of its occupants. Our SNOLINE system fully complies with the European Standard, has all the tests required by EN 1317-3, as well as approval by EN 1317-5.

But quality doesn’t end with equipment! It is also evident in the continuous provision of corrective maintenance services after crashes, in a fast and effective way that allows the equipment to be always ready to fulfill the function for which they were designed – “SAVING LIVES”.

High Performance

The prevention of road accidents advocated by the company also involves the application of special coatings.

Gaspar implements highly effective technical solutions to improve safety conditions for all pedestrians, through the application of anti-slip coatings.

Accidents involving pedestrians continue to be a tragedy and are caused by drivers failing to stop their vehicles in time to avoid a collision.

Children and teenagers in school zones and the elderly are very high-risk groups.

GASPAR contributes effectively to the resolution of this serious problem, with the application of colored anti-skid sidewalk. Braking can thus be much more effective, reducing the distance necessary to stop the vehicles.

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