Ecological Flooring

Cities moving toward sustainability.

Ecological and sustainable flooring is:

– made from natural materials

– a product of a natural process of production of the raw materials, done in a sustainable way and incorporating CO2
– made with recycled and recyclable materials, promoters of the circular economy
– risk-free of contaminating the ecosystems
– made with lightweight, easy-to-handle materials
– with good performance guarantees

These criteria are especially relevant for Impact Cushioning Surfaces, namely for Play and Recreational Spaces in compliance with safety standards (EN1176 and EN1177) and legislation in force.

In this category at GASPAR we highlight two types of solutions:

Reference projects

Learn more about these solutions and why we are proud to promote them for the future of our children and communities:

Why did GASPAR apply to be Corkeen Brand Master in Portugal?

– We are focused on quality of life in cities
– Innovation and differentiation at the service of populations, for more sustainable, safe, and happy communities
– For the unique properties of cork and the importance of the Montado

How important is accessibility (on surfaces with impact cushioning) in EJRs?

The (universal) accessibility, though not being an exclusive condition, is fundamental to promote the inclusiveness of the spaces

How important is sustainability?

Sustainability of solutions is recognized by all as essential, but few of us can actually offer it.
In order to be effective, sustainability must be transparent, measurable, and validated.
In this solution we have:

– Combat of microplastics, ocean protection
– Negative carbon balance
– (Truly) circular economy
– Permeability, no risk of chemical contamination

What makes the Corkeen system different?

In addition to all the above, we emphasize that it is the only natural material-based, odorless, thermally comfortable, stable/aggregate Impact attenuating surface.
Namely for the innovation and sustainability that it brings to the spaces, besides the Impact attenuation, the investment is also not the same as in a traditional system. A premium and differentiated solution, for those who value the principles of this solution.

What are the main installation differences between the Corkeen system and SBR/EPDM solutions?

– Lightness
– Smell
– Greater sensitivity to external factors, must be installed only by specialized and accredited professionals

In the Monsanto case study, did the location pose any challenges, either in the project’s design or in its implementation? If so, how did the Corkeen system respond to those challenges?

– Being a rehabilitation, we had to explore the local constraints to find a stimulating and safe flooring and equipment solution.
– Accept that in a natural floor we want to see irregular changes in color and appearance, as opposed to an artificial and uniform behavior, when exposed to all biophysical factors.

Calibrated wood chip coating

Natural material from forest maintenance (PEFC certification).
It is a non-toxic product, with very low environmental impact, being light and easy to install.
It is non-abrasive, which means more safety for children and less wear and tear on equipment.
Compliant with EN 1176-1.
Playful value as a disaggregated material
Thermal comfort and absence of synthetic odor

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