Cities that move with intelligent traffic management solutions.

Cooperative ITS systems (C-ITS or cooperative systems) encompass a set of technologies and applications that enable the effective exchange of data via wireless communication technologies between transportation system components and actors, often between vehicles (vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V) or between vehicles and infrastructure (vehicle-to-infrastructure or V2I).

Reference projects

The deployment of C-ITS in Portugal is an evolutionary process that will start with cases of less complex use.

These are referred to as “day 1 services,” covering messages about traffic jams, dangerous places, road construction sites, and slow or stopped vehicles, as well as weather information and speed warnings to harmonize traffic.

C-ITS services are to be transmitted directly to the vehicles in a way that allows users to be informed, but not distracted.

We are actively working on the implementation of C-ITS equipment and systems.

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