We have been moving for more than 50 years; first creating future paths between cities and then developing mechanisms within each one, so that they are able to move by themselves, generating life and keeping up with our lives at the speed of the new times.
Proud of our history, today we continue to look forward and wonder what we will do next.
And so, we always move with the aim of anticipating and implementing innovative and durable solutions in the areas of intelligent mobility, safety, and urban playground in cities, with the environment always in mind.
And so, we go further in our principle of using the latest technology in our favor, to deliver more quality of life to the cities and to those who live, work, study, play, or simply pass by.
Because stopping is not in our plans.


Empowering cities by humanizing them
creating opportunities for life to run in harmony,
guaranteeing the future
sustainability of the communities.



Advocacy of an ethical conduct that defines the company’s culture, respected from day one.


Anticipation and development of solutions that improve life in cities.


Our market is global and complex, we have to be prepared to deliver our best, however
distinct that the contexts and the interlocutors may be.


Effective implementation of the solutions, maximizing the value for the company and for our customers.


Total focus on people’s and community’s needs, because they are the ultimate beneficiaries of our activity.


With the goals and responsibilities of the company, with the team, and with the permanent satisfaction of our clients’ needs.



We were born in 1968, a few years after what was considered one of the most important periods of rural exodus in Portugal. We emerged with the objective of applying new marking technologies to sidewalks, such as the roads and runways of the Beja Air Base.

Between 1951 and 1964, about 1.3M people moved from rural areas to the big cities, in a period of unprecedented mobility. The work we carried out at Alto da Boa Viagem (1968) reflected the need to reinforce access to Lisbon, which continued to grow.

The experience acquired allowed us to quickly extend GASPAR’s influence throughout the territory, keeping up with the dynamics of an increasingly interconnected country.

As a response to the volume of work and greater mobility in our cities, we made a strong investment in innovation, pioneering the demonstration of thermoplastic products in the country (1970), importing solutions such as plastic spray application machines (1974) and facing the new challenges of road safety with special equipment for the assembly of metal guardrails (1976).


In the 80’s, the country’s economic development provided the conditions for Portugal’s accession to the EEC, unlocking structural funds that gave a new impulse to the national road infrastructure.

With the reinforcement of the manufacturing unit, made in 1977, we became leaders in Road Signaling and Safety, a position recognized among others by the ACP and the Municipality of Cascais, which invited us to install the Safety Rails of the Estoril Racetrack at the time of the reception of the Formula 1 race (1984), under strict observation of the FIA.


The greater internal mobility and the progressive openness of Portugal to Europe and to the World, along with the technological development, brought new challenges to the cities, giving us the possibility to diversify our activity in the 90’s.

The new business areas brought new solutions in terms of traffic management and urban space planning in cities, allowing on the one hand the installation of the first intelligent parking control and management system, in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturer in the sector, at the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (1996) and, on the other hand, the planning and installation of playgrounds with play and leisure equipment for children (1991).

In 1991 we strengthened our position towards the reduction of road accidents by applying one of the first traffic calming techniques in the country to the city of Maia (1991).

But the 1990s were also marked by a large-scale international challenge: the marking of 600km of road in the middle of the Mauritanian desert (1995).

New Millennium

The new millennium starts with the recognition of the work we have done over the years, signing a contract for the conservation of the metal railings of the entire network of Auto-Estradas do Atlântico.

With the area of traffic management expanding, we extended our area of activity to EMEL’s network of closed parking lots. In 2002, in a unique partnership with Brisa, we developed solutions for the integration of Via Verde in the parking control system.

Being pioneering is part of our DNA and so we seek to introduce innovative concepts in each of our solutions, such as the introduction of electronic games in playgrounds (2007) or the use of bank cards as a means of payment for parking products.

In 2010 we installed our first Kompan® equipment in Portugal, starting a close partnership with the global reference in the development and production of free access playground equipment. We were thus unquestionably highlighted for offering solutions for leisure and child development, in an integrated and inclusive way, always with the best design, safety and quality.
The largest Skatepark in the Iberian Peninsula is inaugurated in 2014. The Generations Park in S. João do Estoril materializes our SKATELOPEZ® by FLGaspar brand, a partnership with Francisco Lopez to design and execute quality solutions that dignify and promote urban sports on wheels, health, and inclusion in our communities.

In 2017 we once again showed our ability to deliver, and we installed the largest parking system in national shopping malls at C.C. Colombo.

With the theme of sustainability and the search for more efficient solutions being increasingly prevalent in our society, at GASPAR we seek to innovate and establish increasingly responsible partnerships.


With a pioneering project due to its dimension and business model, in 2021 we installed in Oeiras a network of intelligent paper bins, with compactors and solar power. We have consolidated our position in offering solutions in Energy and Environment, for the smart cities of the future, with furniture capable of generating, sharing, and processing data for a more efficient urban management.

In building cities for the future, we also seek to encourage more responsible and healthy habits. In partnership with EMEL we have developed a speed counting system for Lisbon (2021).

And today we continue to work so that our cities remain the best place to live.