Parque de Recreios Sul – J.F. Parque das Nações

The Community Dreamed, the Parish Council of Parque das Nações idealized and Gaspar conceived. When you put together a team like this, the Dream comes true!

The community, starting with the joy of the children, has finally had the chance to take ownership of another Gaspar design, this time in close partnership with the JF Parque das Nações team, as part of the participatory budget.

“Exploring the theme of local toponymy, linked to the Oceans, we have built a space equipped to attract the population, particularly the younger ones.

The new ‘Parque de Recreios Sul’ is inclusive and appropriate for developing motor, cognitive, social, emotional, and creative skills, fundamental to the growth and development of children, decisive factors for school success.

This new meeting point for the youngsters was a winning project of the Lisbon Participatory Budget and built by the Parish Council of Parque das Nações, under the scope of the delegated powers contract.

The new ‘Parque de Recreios Sul’ is there, also to encourage neighborhood social relations in the urban environment and promote a parish with more opportunities for all.”

JF Parque das Nações presentation and video:

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