CM Albufeira, 2017

EJR Otávio’s Wave. (EJR Onda do Otávio)

With the sea as the central theme of the project, the Octopus Otávio (Polvo Otávio) character develops under the wave, accompanied by other elements of the Algarve’s marine fauna such as fish, starfish, and rays that mix in the swell that surrounds them.
The multi-functional structure allows children to climb through the net, climb up the climbing ramps, slide down the slide, and slide down the sloping surface. The moldings provide not only the ability to climb up and down, but also to hide. The sidewalk game allows the child to jump from one design to the next and race along the circuit.

Interesting Facts – Composed by a modeling in reinforced masonry, with the wave shape coated with EPDM in situ blue color, with a stainless-steel slide, climbing handles and a climbing net. As a visual complement we have fiberglass structures in the shape of tentacles and octopus head that give the illusion that there is an octopus inside the wave and three smaller wave-shaped models, two of 50cm high and one of 70 cm, and a masonry bench in the shape of a star with the seat in EDPM in situ orange..


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in improving the quality of life in cities. With this project we will:


Encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.


Innovate in public space.


Promotion of social inclusion and accessibility.


Stimulating Play and Recreation activities - developing cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills.


Promoting happiness, communal and individual, in an urban environment.


This project contributes to the following goals
of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

( 11.7 ) By 2030, provide universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces, in particular for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities.



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