A New Cycle- Message from the CEO

This message is, above all, a testimony and a tribute to our founder, Eng. Fernando L. Gaspar. It is a tribute of mine, but also of all those who made and still make the company, to an entrepreneur who, at the end of the 60’s, had the ability to anticipate the advent of a new mobility, with the latest technologies that were emerging all over Europe. He was an innovator in mobility solutions focused on road signs and user safety, anticipating, and responding to the challenges of new communication routes and the growing number of commutes in our country, thus gaining a competitive edge, and creating a new market that today involves thousands of people.

This is also my acknowledgement for the work of each one of the dozens of people who collaborate with us today, as well as for the premise that is at the genesis of our organization: improving the quality of life of the people. This is our motivation, to work every day and build our success, through products, services, and solutions that give quality to the daily life of all those who use them and move around in the cities or between them.

But this message also marks the beginning of a new cycle in the company that coincides with times of huge uncertainty, with global paradigm shifts and enormous challenges in terms of health, social, economic, geopolitical, and climatic issues. Customers are increasingly demanding and challenging, seeking innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that can guarantee them primacy in the constant and healthy competition for quality of life in their cities.
And, despite the uncertainty of times, our motivation to innovate, anticipate, and meet these needs of customers and partners, is entirely proportional to the challenges we face today. Because many are expecting even more from us.

And so, this new cycle has a clear meaning for me:
More than 50 years have passed since we committed to our values, and we continue to invest in reaffirming them, while betting on the people who shape the future of the company.
We are proud of this organization’s past and all that has been achieved through the hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and immense dedication of the previous generation. And, from here, we have the obligation of establishing a new and higher positioning that will be the basis for the next generation.

With this objective in mind, we have embraced the GASPAR brand, closer and more modern, yet always following a path faithful to our identity. The path we are following is one of integration that combines Intelligent Mobility with another performance of Signaling conducive to Vision Zero 2030 (National Strategy for Road Safety 2021-2030) and with the requalification of public recreational spaces for all generations, keeping in mind a neutral carbon balance, essential to Sustainability.

This is how we will become an active part in the creation of smart, safe, happy, and sustainable cities which will contribute to the development of GASPAR and elevate the quality of life in our cities to another standard.

On behalf of GASPAR, I invite our partners and customers to share this path with us, keeping cities moving towards a better future for new generations.


May, 2022

Fernando Coimbra Gaspar

Fernando Coimbra Gaspar


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